Project 3 - Har-Tru Tennis Courts

Har-Tru courts (courts 1 and 2) are a drain on club finances. They require annual and daily maintenance, including: adding Har-Tru material, extensive rolling, regular brushing and watering.

Additionally, every five years or so, the Har-Tru courts require a complete overhaul by professionals at a significant cost, including pulling up and replacing the lines, “scarifying” the entire surface and adding Har-Tru material. We are due for the next 5-year maintenance this year.

The costs and staff time for these two courts are disproportionate to the actual usage. The board has evaluated the Har-Tru courts in terms of ongoing costs, the difficulty of sourcing local materials and skilled maintenance labour, and it has decided that the Har-Tru courts will be resurfaced with a lower cost and lower maintenance surface. We will be considering the best options for these two courts, which may include the same tennis surface as on courts 3-7, or possibly adding the increasingly popular game of Pickle Ball. The goal will be to create the best use of the space, based on member preferences.

The Board will reach out to membership in a survey this summer to share options and receive member input on the preferred future for these two courts.

Projected cost for this project: Est. $100,000 (Depending on surface chosen.)

Projected timing: 2024-25

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