COVID 19 Guidelines

When you arrive at the club you will notice things have changed. Our priority is the safety of our members and staff. Accordingly, we are following government guidelines, and have implemented new procedures for golf and tennis play.

The basic principles of containment of the Coronavirus will be followed. We will provide disinfectant as you enter the club, surfaces will be washed frequently, and physical distancing will be required. As we have done in the past couple of months, we will use common sense, and of course, act responsibly. If we all do our bit, the tennis and golf experience at the club will be enjoyable, healthy and safe.

There are specific requirements regarding face masks that can found here.

The rules below are subject to change as government and health guidelines are updated. These guidelines will be posted at the club and on the website.

Golf guidelines: 
• Arrive 5 minutes before your game.
• When you arrive at the club, maintain social distancing at all times. Do not gather around the parking lot, clubhouse, or first tee.
• Singles only in a cart, unless members live under the same roof.
• Benches, rakes and ball washers will not be on the course.
• Do not touch golf pins. Use the ball remover device attached to the pin.
• Sanitizer will be provided at the first tee, the clubhouse, and at the entrance to the tennis courts.
• It is recommended that you bring your own water and hand sanitizer. 
• Do not linger after your game socializing.

Tennis Guidelines:
• Arrive 5 minutes before your game.
• Observe social distancing measures.
• Singles tennis allowed. Players will use their own marked balls. Do not pick up your opponents balls. Use your racquet to flick them back.
• Doubles tennis is permissible if doubles partners live under the same roof.
• Each doubles team must use their own marked tennis balls.
• Avoid touching surfaces.
• Bring your own water and hand sanitizer.
• Do not linger after your game socializing.