Please update your CG&T Membership Profile Info - Click Here!

Please Update your Membership Profile Information


As part of our move bring the Club into the 21st century, in addition to the launch of our new website and moving to an online accounting system that is integrated with the online store, we're also aiming to update and consolidate all of our information on the Club's members.

We would very much appreciate your help in making that happen. It's simple: click here and fill in the CGTC Member Profile Information form.

The form is designed to be completed by the "Primary Member" (the one paying the bill for the membership in question) but also includes dedicated sections for information regarding their significant other and any children they may have, under 18 years of age, that are also covered under the family's membership.

The form accommodates up to 7 family members in total, with one section (i.e. page) per person.

Fill in the requested info on each page and then click "Next" when you reach the end of the section.

Once you have filled in the information on each of your family members, just leave the remaining "Additional Family Member" pages blank, as applicable, and keep clicking "Next".

Finally, click "Submit" at the end of the 7th page to finish.

If your family is larger than 7 members, please contact 

As a reminder, children over 18 years of age need to purchase their own membership as an Intermediate or Adult Member in their own right, depending on their age.

If you have any children over the age of 18, please note their name(s) and email addresses in the comments section of the form so that we may contact them directly. And feel free to give them a nudge for us by reminding them to fill in their own form.

Keeping our membership information directory up to date is a herculean task... thank you for your help!!!