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June 24th Newsletter: Website, Staffing & Dinner Dance

New Website

A new era has arrived at the Cascade. It's called the 21st century. Matt Drouin has worked very hard to update our website.  Here is a message from Matt.

Dear fellow Metisites,

With the Saint-Jean Baptiste long weekend finally upon us, the Club is now officially open!

In celebration, we thought this would be a good time to unveil the Club's fancy new website:

One of the major improvements is that the new site has a full-featured online store!

Currently, the store is set up mainly to allow you to browse, select and pay for your preferred membership option. However, in time, we hope to expand this to include loads of other good stuff such as CG&T branded clothing and other goodies.

The store is also fully integrated with a new point of sale system at the Club, both of which feed into a combined backend system that is in the process of being linked to a new online accounting software. In the end, we hope all of this will help to reduce costs and allow us to better manage the Club's business while simultaneously securing and backing up all of our data much more safely.

With that said, the site is the product of several hundred hours of volunteer work by members, and is very much intended to be a work in progress. We hope to improve the experience and expand the features over time, but in the meantime, we also appreciate your patience with any technical snafus that you may encounter.

In fact, we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us test the system by going through the online store to purchase your membership this summer and let us know about your experience by emailing any feedback to 

A few more things to note:

- The site is currently in English only. A French translation will follow as soon as possible, but we don't currently have a timeline for that.

- The website supports all three major credit cards and features state of the art security protocols to safeguard your information. 

- On the Club's premises, you can currently pay by cash, cheque or credit card, in either Henri's office or at the Caddy Shack, using a card reader attached to two iPads which allow all sales data from the web, and the Club, to be collected and processed through the same backend system (nifty!).

- Within the next few weeks, we will also have a terminal in Henri's office and the Caddy Shack which will be able to accept "tap" transactions for purchases under $100 as well as Interac (debit card) payments. "Member Accounts" will still be available for use at the Caddy Shack, but where possible, we kindly request that you please pay-as-you-go whenever you can. We're trying to make that process as easy as possible for everyone.

- Throughout the site you will be prompted to fill out the CGTC Membership Profile Information Form. As part of our efforts to bring the Club into the 21st century, we aim to collect up to date information on all members and consolidate it into a single database. This is a daunting task and we need your help! The form is pretty quick to fill out and if you could take a few minutes to do it, it would be a great help!

- We've added a news section to the site. For the most part, it will simply recap the contents of the newsletters like this one.

- We've also put the Club's calendar online. It was created using Google Calendars which means you can easily add events of interest to whatever digital calendar you use. Social events are in Red. Golf events are Green. Tennis events are Blue.

- Another neat feature if that you can now make a donation to the club through the website. Donations continue to be an important part of how the Club pays for maintenance and improvements and even the smallest amounts help. Donation amounts start as low as $5. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

- The Club's most up to date membership directory is now also available online. It's currently last year's version, but between the Membership Profile Information Form and people using the new online store to purchase to make purchases (resulting in a customer profile on our system), we hope to be able to deliver a comprehensive update after this season. The directory is password protected with the came code as the Club wifi: cascade1901 (case sensitive).

- Currently, the site was built using stock photos, but one of the things we would really like to do is to switch them out for photos of you at the Club! If you have any great photos, please share them. We're specifically looking for great shots of the Club grounds, tournaments or events (e.g. Dinner Dance, 5 Club Match), and/or photos of members themselves (particularly of Junior, Intermediate. Adult and Senior members together (by grouping), as well as photos of entire families of member photos. If you have any to share, please send them along to If you send us a photo, we will assume you have (and grant us) the right to use that photo on the site. Please list the names of anyone featured in the photo, if you can. We will take care of getting their permission to use the photo if needed.

- There are a few other resources on the site, including a list of the current board membersstaff & committee members (we're still missing a golf pro!), as well as an online contact form which goes directly to Henri, feel free to explore!

We hope you enjoy the site, we look forward to receiving your feedback and most of all, we appreciate your patience while we work out any kinks!

Staffing update

Over the past few years, the Club has had difficulty finding pros for our tennis and golf programs.  This year we are very lucky to have Jack Reford leading our tennis program.  He is an excellent tennis player and has completed some professional training. 

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the Board and many members, we have not been successful in finding a golf pro for the Club.  We are continuing our search, however, are not hopeful that we will find anyone at this point.  Please, if anyone has a suggestion let us know.

As a result, we have instituted a slightly different program for this summer.  We are fortunate to have two Junior Co-Ordinators – Finn Steube and Charlie Drummond and they are going supervise a dual activities program for the first time.

They will continue to provide the regular indoor activities in the morning and as an alternative to a dedicated golf program they will be offering a variety of outdoor activities including putting and driving range practice, soccer, basketball and frisbee.  These activities will be aligned with the tennis program so that the children will have activities every morning as we have previously offered, giving their parents time off to enjoy their own activities.

Henri has kindly offered to host a couple of golf clinics a week for older children. 

We understand that this is not an ideal solution, however, we believe we are providing a good alternative outdoor program for the children.

We certainly plan to continue offering a full golf and tennis program in years to come.

Dinner Dance Notes

Break out your loudest shirts and dresses for Margaritaville this July Dinner Dance. Special margarita bar, prizes for most outrageous costume and priceless auction items await you.  Please email Tim Peters at to contribute your amazing donation to the auction. Please also email Tim if you are able to help Chella Tingley with the bar service.